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serviços especiais

TRADEWAYS ACE’S, portfolio features services for Customs Clearance and International Cargo Agency as IATA Cargo Agent – NVOCC.

It also offers feasible logistics solutions in different branches of activity;

In the Industrial and Commercial area, projects are developed based on a study that is adapted to the technical needs of the client, enabling their implementation in the use of the best technical and logistical resources available in the market, alongside the corresponding legal standards applicable to each segment, for the success of the business.

Consulting and Advisory Services in Government matters in the field of ​​foreign trade such as:

RADAR / SISCOMEX – Preparation of the Process for obtaining the Qualification to operate in import and export in all modes;

SISCOSERV – Management and guidance for operation records;

DRAWBACK – In its different modes;

Integrated LCL/LTL customs logistics – Consolidated loads from the origin to the destination, with a single contact, maximizing the use of Logistics while minimizing operating costs;

Logistics/supply chain planning;

Ex-tariff: Proceedings for a substantial reduction of the tax burden for machines and equipment not produced domestically or without a Brazilian-made equivalent;

Imports of used machinery and equipment;

Process for ICMS ( State Tax ) payment in up to 48 monthly installments;

Consulting for import and/or export on behalf of third parties and on demand;

Operations and advisory services for operations with companies: Trading Companies and Commercial Export / Import Companies, in operations on account, by third-party orders, and on demand;

Back-to-Back operations;

Automotive and industrial regimes (special tax benefit);

Management/Coordination/Development of special projects for importing special machines for production lines – installation of industrial parks, etc.

International cargo transportation by air, sea, and road. MERCOSUR/ALADI – sea-sir multimodal services; Door to Door; and combined air-sea & sea-air intermodal services;

Specific and integrated logistic studies and solutions: indication of the best mode regularity, transit time, and international transportation route, as well as the proposal of the Customs Regime that is most suitable to the characteristics of your business;

Development of logistic projects for cargos that require differentiated transportation, whether they are oversized and/or super heavy;

Multimodal integration and logistics alternatives with better a cost-benefit ratio and transit time, and coordination of container stowing;

Technical sworn translation;

Import/export – Temporary Admission for:

Participation in trade shows and events;

Consignment, Repairs, and/or Passive Improvement;

Special licenses at government agencies: Decex – Anvisa, Inmetro, army / healthcare / agriculture, etc. Import / export of restricted cargo / IMO Class / DGR; Tax classification Query / NCM / HS Code consultation;

Preparation of worksheets with simulation of operating and fiscal costs for technical and commercial feasibility study whose numbers should help the client in the decision-making process regarding the success of its enterprise.

MF Ordinance 150/1982. Return of Merchandise Abroad in cases of replacement of merchandise that is defective or not suitable for the purpose for which it was intended) (item II, Article 71 of the Customs Regulation, exempt of taxes).

Study for obtaining special customs regimes and tax benefits;

Review of the Tax Classification/Proceeding for the appropriate framework;

Assistance in the opening, analysis and interpretation of letters of credit;

Advisory services for Technical Reporting in Brazil and abroad;

Issuance of certificates of origin and consular certificates;

Coordination of door-to-door operations by covering all services in a single contact, from collection at the origin to delivery at the destination;

Customs warehouse/bonded warehouses;


DTA & MIC DTA removals (customs transit between ports areas);

Logistic operating support: LCL & FCL consolidated cargo;

Special licenses for the transportation of large cargo;

Administrative and operating procedures: SISCOMEX (customs import/export registration system) Incoterms, Drawback, ROF (financial operation register), Siscoserv, Radar, etc.;

Governmental affairs: management alongside ministries, secretariats, entities, exchange regularizations/BACEN, etc.;

Automotive and industrial regimes;

Imports of used machinery and equipment;

Classification, packaging and labeling;

Usage optimization in container loading and unloading;

“All risks” cargo insurance with own policy.

Please contact us, free of charge, for more details and to tell us about your projects and needs. You will certain find here your answer, as we have plenty to offer!

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